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About RedeV2Coin

About RedeCoin (REDEV2):

Discover the World of RedeCoin

RedeCoin, with ticker REDEV2, is a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency that aims to redefine the landscape of digital assets. With a vision rooted in decentralization and community empowerment, RedeCoin stands as a beacon for those seeking an alternative financial ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Decentralized Network
  • Community-Driven Development
  • Security and Efficiency

Join the Revolution:

Dive into the future of finance with a cutting-edge cryptocurrency offering swift, secure transactions and a powerful network, with a focus on community empowerment.


  • Total Coin Supply: Unlimited
  • Block: 2.5 REDEV2
  • Block reward miner: 0.5 REDEV2
  • Block reward stake: 1.25 REDEV2
  • Block reward games: 0.5 REDEV2
  • Block reward dev: 0.25 REDEV2
  • Algorithm: ETHASH
  • Block Time: 15 seconds

Advanced Features:

  • Enhanced Security Protocols
  • Swift Transaction Processing
  • Robust Network Infrastructure
  • Optimized User Experience Design

Our RoadMap

  • REDEV2 Code Development

    We embarked on a major journey with REDEV2 Code Development.

  • Launching official mining pool

    Launched our official mining pool offering cryptocurrency enthusiasts a convenient and efficient platform for effective coin mining.

  • Launch of Staking Platform

    Launched of our staking platform, which offers a unique opportunity for users to maximize their crypto earnings through holdings REDEV2 coins.

  • Launching of VPN Platform

    Launched a proprietary VPN platform that offers exceptional privacy and security, ensuring your online activities are anonymous and protected.

  • Listing on

    Listing REDEV2 on a popular exchange among miners - Xeggex

  • Listing on

    Listing REDEV2 on a new exchange - NonKYC

  • Node installation Script

    Release of our node installation script. This simplifies the setup process, allowing you to install a node on your server with a single command!

  • Listing on CoinPaprika

    Listing on a popular coin aggregator where you can add REDEV2 to your portfolio and monitor the price in real time.

  • Listing on Pacman.Trade

    Listing REDEV2 on a new exchange - Pacman.Trade

  • System improvement

    We are relentlessly developing and improving our system to achieve optimal performance. We strive to ensure that all of our services run smoothly and reliably.


    We have successfully completed the transfer of coins from the old REDE network to the new REDEV2 network for all willing users in its entirety.

  • Integration with PAC Game Center

    Adding REDEV2 as one of the available coins in PAC Game Center. Registration in tournaments for REDEV2 will be available, as well as receiving rewards.

  • Listings on Aggregators

    REDEV2 will be added to even more aggregators for tracking such as LiveCoinWatch, Binance, ByBit, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Crypto.Com and others

  • Partner and Investor Search

    This exciting milestone underscores our commitment to expanding our network and fostering collaborative relationships for mutual growth and success.

  • New Exchange Listings

    REDEV2 should appear on even more Tier-2 exchanges.

  • REDEV2 Real Life Payments

    We aim to integrate REDEV2 into real payments, which is a practical use of cryptocurrency. Our future plans include bringing this integration to fast food establishments so that customers can easily pay with REDEV2 coins.

  • v2.0 - New life

    Gearing up to launch a major update on our exchange, which will completely change the appearance of the service and add many necessary features to it

  • Staking on

    Adding a coin-stacking function directly into the exchange functionality, without the use of third-party services, for quick and convenient access to your assets.

  • Game character creator portal

    Excited to introduce a toolkit specifically for game developers. that designed to make character creation more efficient and accessible, allowing developers to bring their creative ideas to life with ease.

  • Hardware rental service

    The launch of the equipment rental service is planned. It is aimed at both target users and those who need high computing power to solve specific tasks. The service will provide an opportunity to rent computing power at a low cost and efficiently.

REDEV2 Network

  • Network Name REDEV2
  • Chain ID 1972
  • Symbol REDEV2
  • Explorer URL

Our Services

  • Node Script Install now

    Install REDEV2 node on your server in 1 command, without special knowledge and system settings

  • Staking Explore now

    Stake to earn extra rewards while supporting network by holding REDEV2 it for a specific period

  • VPN Try it now

    Try anonymous internet with our affordable VPS hosting, payable with RedeV2. Be sure of your online privacy

  • Mining Pool Join now

    Join our official mining pool to get REDEV2 using your own hardware, all with a low commission.